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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Originally Posted by Maniak
Serious? He has absolutely no game knowledge, like he doesn't even play sc2 at all as far as I know. He's not the worst, but I hope they find someone for full-time casting to go along Kevin Knocke.

Kevin actually said he's going to be stepping back from a lot of casting (he does a lot of stuff behind the scenes for IGN) and focus on his other work more. This sort of leads me to believe that IGN's going to bring in a new duo...

Link to what, btw? I was half right for Group D, Supernova and Happy moved on.

Super srs! I dunno what it is about him but I always liked him when he filled in. I also like PainUser.. I like Catspajamas but I wish he would still be Catspajamas and not Kevin.. I get it why he changed but he'll always be CPs to me.

Link to... I dunno lol.. I think I thought you were watching those matches and I wanted to watch them also.
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