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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by Snoop_Cat
Oregon's new QB, on the other hand, is looking terrific.

I really want them to break the 100 pt mark...

ya, it seems like he's a quicker decision maker than thomas was at this stage. i know it's one game but oregon is showing they're going to be a legit test for usc. thomas reminds me a bit of a smaller desean jackson and he'll get to run it here and there in kelly's creative packages as well....usc has shown to break contain and over-pursue in the kiffin era and that's something oregon may look to exploit.

plus, i want to see someone ruin usc's ride so i don't have to have my ear talked off around here all season, haha

arizona with two costly fumbles but otherwise, i've played a decent game.

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