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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by IcanzIIravor
First game of the year. I don't see how you think a game like this shows OU has been exposed. Does that mean Okie States 84-0 when over the sisters of the poor mean they will romp through the conference? West Virginia gave up 30 something points to Marshall, Texas didn't look too good either. I think the notion that we have been exposed is not accurate. I think what it does show is that if we don't improve significantly we certainly won't be in the MNC hunt and it will be a up and down conference season.

It took 3 missed FGs, 3 OU fumbles fortunately rolling out of bounds, and a terrible decision to fake a punt in their own territory to hold off a team that is just not all that good.

I'm sorry but that d is going to get shredded in the Big 12 and their offense looked very weak, especially on third down. They gave up 177 yards to an RB from friggin UTEP.

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