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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by IcanzIIravor
OU has a bad habit of playing to the competition against a number of teams we should shred. I imagine you will see a much better and complete team in the following weeks. We can walk down the list of the top 25 teams and show a number who struggled against competition they should have dominated on paper (Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida, Arkansas, Texas, South Carolina and Stanford are examples). A host of other teams exploded on offense while their defense gave up a lot of points.

My hopes are always high regardless of what others think of Oklahoma. I'm certainly not happy with the results, but I hope this is a wake up call that this team needs to come out with a sense of urgency every single game. If this team struggles against Florida A&M then I will worry. If we aren't 9-0 coming into Morgan Town then I will be worried.

Here's why I bring that up. You could look at that list of teams and I'm not sure if you'd consider them to be real title favorites. And as I understand it (being the son of an OU fan who's family is from Oklahoma) the expectation is to win a championship heading into every year.

Generally a team who has that bad habit is not the one playing in the final game of the year.
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