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he is the least dangerous MVP of all time i reckon. in the fourth quarter he has almost zero ability to win games. maybe that's not quite accurate, maybe he has the ability but not the desire, but whatever it is, he either can't or won't win close games. period. there's absolutely, ABSOLUTELY no room for argument here. none. zip. zilch. after ten seasons i don't know how garnett fans can even argue this with a straight face. the guy is a clear cut number 2 option when the game is on the line.

The problem is it hasn't always been that way. You're blinded by last year and maybe the one before. That's my problem with all the KG doubters. He hasn't always been a liability in the 4th.

Yes he is overrated. He's an amazing stat stuffer and top 5 in the NBA, but you can't count on him in the 4th quarter. He gets more respect than he deserves because he's a black guy from the streets who swears a lot, loses his temper and shoves people when he's losing, and sweats profusely, which apparently to "hardcore" fans makes him a superstar

You just said he was top 5, so is that why you think he's top 5? You sound like a hypocrite to me.
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