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Default Re: Week 1 Discussion and Game Thread

Originally Posted by iggy>
Hopefully Vick can play an entire game without getting injured, is that too much to ask?

I expect the eagles to look sluggish in Cleveland, they will ultimately pull away in the 2nd half... No matter who the qb is.

I also expect 6-7 sacks on defense. If Trent Richardson is finally healthy expect him to have a big game.
You guys owned the LOS in the 3rd preseason game. It is interesting, because I expected our line to be one of the bright spots this year. We have the best left tackle in the game, the best young center, imo, and three other very solid pieces on that line. Yet, it was a virtual bonanza in Weeden's face on every play.

I think that maybe it was a scheme thing and the Eagles' coaching staff simply out-did our staff in that preseason game. I don't expect the opener to be as one-sided in the trenches. A line with that much talent should never get shown up like that.

It was also help to have Trent in there (and I fully expect him to play).

As for the game, you guys should win, but it won't be as lopsided as that preseason game led a lot of people to believe. We really aren't that bad, I don't think.
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