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Default Re: Your Player Profile

Age: 8
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 181lbs
Experience: Learned the fundamentals of the game from my Father and brother in nearby courts, played school ball, played a lot of pick-up / streetball for the most part.
Nickname: Miracle
Strengths: Perimeter Defense (great man-to-man defense. Can guard quick and explosive guards rather effectively. Ability to lock-up offensive players if energy is all there. Don't bite on fakes or dribble moves easily, decent lateral quickness. Overall physical and smart defender. Avoids being dirty), Good court vision and passing ability, overall hustle player, good strength (particularly when defending in the post), good free-throw shooter, solid hop-step jumper.
Weakness: Not great at keeping shooting streaks, Can lose handle if guarded too tightly, not always the best at protecting the ball during drives in traffic, relies far too much on driving to the left, trouble rebounding over much bigger/taller opponents.
Player Inspirations: Ron Artest, Kobe Bryant.
Long-term goals: Being able to play ball well into my fair years.
Short-term goals: Developing a completely sound jumper, being able to shift between driving left and right, learning to better protect the ball.
What I Go TO War With: An erect pen1s
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