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Default Re: [VIDEO] Who here would like to see the 1973 NBA all-stars?

I have a question for the people who like to talk about the old school players as if they came from a "weak era". Based on such wisdom from ISH's mostly young fanbase, I started simultaneously watching the 1998 NBA all-star game right now to cross reference and see the (what should be obvious) progressional differences in skill and athleticism all the players should be displaying. You'd think it would stand out right in front of your face based on how many people are so convinced "you can't compare players from different eras".



To me it looks like you could mix and match all the players from the 98 game and the 73 game and they'd all play just fine together - on more or less equal ground. Sure some rules of the game changed and so did some trends creating a slightly different floor dynamic between these two all-star games but the players themselves from both all-star games look more or less equally skilled, athletic, and elite - it's hard to pickup any distinguishable differences in cumulative skill or athleticism despite a quarter of a century difference. Anyone who thinks I'm crazy feel free to interject and point out what I'm missing.

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