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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Tell me what you think.

ESPN league, only difference is QB's get 6 pts for TD and -1 for a sack. Besides that, everything is standard. .5 PPR by the way. Had the 8th pick in a 10-team league.

QB- Eli
RB- Greene
WR- Calvin
WR- Nicks
TE- Gates
FLEX- Stevie Johnson
K- Carpenter

BN- Cutler
BN- Beanie Wells
BN- Mendenhall
BN- R. Moss
BN- Holmes
BN- Wayne

I love my WR depth. If Calvin falls to the Madden curse (I might actually try to trade him lol) then I like that I have Nicks who is a main target that can be a WR1. I hate my RB situation. I took MJD in the 2nd and unfortunately my friend stole Jennings just out of spite. No other consistent options were there in Rounds 3 and 4 were there except Lynch and Richardson but I just didn't trust them enough. I think Eli will put up big numbers again and I took flyers on Moss and Mendy. Beanie I'm hoping will finally be healthy and get most of the reps. I also lost out on Pettigrew and Fred Davis as my backup TE's cuz I know Gates probably won't play every game.
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