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Default Re: How to beat the big dude.

Originally Posted by Ai2death
Looking for ideas or tips. Constantly I find my self on breaks and often the only person I have to beat is the other teams center waiting under their ring to block me. I get intimiadated and end up taking like a short 10ft jump shot but am looking for tips to get to the ring with out getting blocked.

taking the jumpshot is not necessarily the wrong thing to do in that situation. if you can hit that shot it will actually force the big to come meet you earlier if he knows you can make it.

on 2 on 1s you should always try and attack the rim though. the best way to beat a big guy on the break is to use your momentum to your advantage. you have a running start and he might be running too, but he'll probably be back-pedalling or something like it.
when you get to the point where you're thinking about going for the layup, you have to set your defender up where he'll be least likely to make a play.
like i said your speed and momentum should be your advantage here. when you jump, find your defender and literally jump into his chest. dont swing your arm out because its an offensive foul but keep both hands on the ball and jump into his chest with your shoulder. this will likely

1) get your defender under the basket where he can't make a play on the ball


2) give you more than enough space to finish

the teams i've coached i like taking the pads off the wall and bumping them during fast break drills telling them that I shouldnt be bumping THEM but they should be bumping me.

i try not to rely on the eurostep in this situation because it actually has no counter if someone steps in front and reads it. if you're REALLY quick it can be useful but it can lead to some bad habits. I think you're much better off doing it this way because you are not shying away from the contact, rather, you are embracing it and using it to your advantage
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