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Default Re: Jose Calderon Takes Time Out For Zambia

I like Jose.

He has been a class act while in Toronto. He was a class act when there was two guard tandem here before. He managed the whole "Jorge Garbahosa played thru a broken ankle for Spanish National" situation team very well.

His distribution skills and court vision are among the best in the league. Top 10 and likely top 5 depending on minor personal tastes.

His defence is suspect - too many hand slaps and not enough feet movement. But when analyzing his defence it is a bit of chicken and the egg... is Jose bad defence the cause of historical bad d cause he allowed penetration - or is his slow foot movement because he had bad rotational d behind him and his responsibility in the scheme was to cover the other man ?


Basketball is a business.

If Jose's expiring contract and ample skill sets are NOT converted into some sort of talent clawback it is a huge - massive - failure on the part of Management to convert assets in a rebuilding team.

It has nothing to do with Jose as a person - it has everything to do with the future direction of the Raptors Franchise.

The future is Lowry plus other talented pieces.

Jose needs to go because it is a business - and the business of the Raptors is to move forward in the supposed "accelerated rebuilding process".

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