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Default Re: Jose Calderon Takes Time Out For Zambia

JBaller there are a lot and I mean a lot of things you post on here that make me scratch my head in wonder... But never have you posted something that i've agreed with so thoroughly and completely.

Basketball is a business.

If Jose's expiring contract and ample skill sets are NOT converted into some sort of talent clawback it is a huge - massive - failure on the part of Management to convert assets in a rebuilding team.

It has nothing to do with Jose as a person - it has everything to do with the future direction of the Raptors Franchise.

The future is Lowry plus other talented pieces.

Jose needs to go because it is a business - and the business of the Raptors is to move forward in the supposed "accelerated rebuilding process".

Jose gets a ton of nice guy points. He's been a consummate professional over the years. He handled the TJ Ford situation where TJ would not accept a role as Jose's backup. He's dealt with nagging injuries and countless trade rumors. He's had to deal with really not getting the respect he deserves from the Toronto fanbase, from the coaching staff, and probably sometimes even from his fellow players. Having said all that, we aren't a contending team and he along with Bargnani have been our biggest assets since Chris Bosh left and the fact that we haven't gotten him to another team either in exchange for a player, some draft picks, or whatever is already a failure on BC's part IMO. Although he does still have this year to correct it. When it comes to this game, you don't reward people for being nice and professional you reward them for bringing you success. So with a guy like Calderon if the opportunity presents itself you ship him out somewhere, thank him for everything he's done and been to this organization and then you move forward with the Raptors franchise from there.
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