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Default Re: Jose Calderon Takes Time Out For Zambia

Originally Posted by bokes15
JBaller there are a lot and I mean a lot of things you post on here that make me scratch my head in wonder... But never have you posted something that i've agreed with so thoroughly and completely.

Cheers we can always agree and disagree

I dont always agree with many sentiments about purposeful tanking, player talent, team talent beyond whats on paper, vets vs rookies..etc...

..but I think this is obvious (or should be) to everyone on these boards.

This team is still rebuilding - either slowly or in some mythical accelerated fashion according to Colangelo.

I have no proof on the accelerated part cause they havent done anything yet except flip a "likely high lottery pick" for Lowry. Clearly Lowry is the future and the cornerstone star/face of this franchise for some years to come.

Jose deserves a lot for being a good player/human... but not at the expense of the direction of the franchise.
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