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Default Re: Early 2013 March Madness Predictions

Originally Posted by bballer
mind=blown you know my family history. dad grew up in raleigh. his older brother went there. then they moved to baltimore. continued as UNC fans. i've been a fan as long as i can remember.

nice try though. I remember going to games with Joe Forte and Brendan Haywood, who bandwagon UNC fans wouldn't even know played there.

Went to the Texas game, and the ACC tournament last year. yeah I'm a bandwagon fan.

umad Felton May and McCants > Deron Williams Dee Brown and Luther Head? Yeah you mad.

if you're not a bandwagon fan why even respond? there is no way to know if ANYTHING you say (or i say or anyone for that matter) is true so what is the point of trying
and going to a game where Forte and Haywood played for UNC makes you a true fan? ok thats cool

and your last sentence was just stupid. lighten up and grow up, be a fan not a moron
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