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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by TheSilentKiller
Roc Steady:

Team 1: Obviously Rodgers is one of the best qbs in the game, so good job there. Gronk is a monster, so you will be set there all season. Your running backs are very dicey. I am not too high on BJGE this year, as I think he will be a less productive version of Cedric Benson last year. Donald Brown isn't a great second option, but he showed some decent potential last year. Peyton Hillis should be an ok third as he should pickup some of the chiefs tds. I like Baldwin purely based on the fact that he may end up as the Steelers starter. Dez and Green are two pretty solid starters for a 12 team league and Torrey Smith and Kenny Britt have a very high celing (although they very well may not reach it).

Team 2: Much better job with your runningbacks. Sproles is very important in the fast paced Saints offense and you can always count on him for some good numbers. If Adrian Peterson can return to form, you will be looking at a very good 1-2 combo. Your receivers are solid, and I really like Titus Young as I can see him going for 1000 yards with 8 tds. Santana Moss is a decent sleeper pick as well. Cutler and RG3 combo should do alright for you at qb.

Team 3: Easily your best team. LOVE your top three receivers and Garcon could have a solid year as well. Good job with your top two running backs, but other than that the only guy I like on your bench is Rodgers. Romo and Dalton aren't an ideal pairing for a two quarterback league, but it is better than nothing. You like Jon Baldwin a lot, don't you

Appreciate the input. the strategies were diff each team. I took A Rod 12 third overall whereas my team with good running backs I had the last pick- 14 out of 14. AP fell and I know what Sproles can bring!

My last team might be best because it is only ten teams. I drafted half drunk at a family Labor Day event.

I think my sleepers at receiver this season are Titus Young, Jon Baldwin and perhaps Mohammed Sanu, available in all leagues I think lol
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