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Default MLB 12 The Show

Does anyone here have experience with this game? I haven't played a baseball game in eons and have so many questions.

The instruction book is practically useless. Why does my controller shake like crazy at the end of a game? I put it on beginner mode and all that does is make the computer control the fielders who screw up way too much.

How do I make batting easier? I have a job, I can't do training all day. It would be nice if I could start off with easy batting and work my way up.

Also on beginner mode the pitching is different than in training. There is no aiming circle that expands and contracts. The controller just shakes. Sometimes it seems like it shakes when I aim the pitch where the catcher wants me to. What does the shaking mean?

Sorry to ask so many questions but any help would be MUCH appreciated. I haven't played a baseball game since Nintendo 64 and while the graphics on MLB 12 are out of this world, it just seems way more complicated than it should be compared to games like Madden and NBA 2k.
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