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Default Re: Bigass Poltical thread Part V: The Democratic Convention

I honestly don't get the Biden hate. Criticize his policies and stances sure, that's fine, but I mean his "off the cuff" personality. Isn't that what people have been crying for for...ever? A dude that doesn't bullshit and tells you what he thinks? Say Romney wins and at the presser for the Obamacare repeal an open mic catches Ryan saying "this is a BIG ****ING DEAL!" That shit would be lauded on the right, as it should be.

If you don't like his policy that's fine, I just don't get why people dislike his personality. I personally love the dude.

And **** whatever the right says, Deval Patrick murdered it strictly on the "it's time for Democrats to get a backbone" line alone. Because he's right. **** compromise, Republicans aren't doing it, stop kowtowing.
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