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Originally Posted by Skywalker
The problem is it hasn't always been that way. You're blinded by last year and maybe the one before. That's my problem with all the KG doubters. He hasn't always been a liability in the 4th.

You just said he was top 5, so is that why you think he's top 5? You sound like a hypocrite to me.

He's overrated in that people in the Dirk vs KG thread (which has only been done about 50000000000000 times) were saying he'd kill Dirk one on one and that he is much better than Dirk.
Don't get me wrong I love Mr. Garnett, played in a pick up with him in Minneapolis, but the guy can't be counted on at all to win a game in the 4th.
I'd say he's certainly top 5 but definitely cannot be arguably the best player in the league.
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