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Default Re: I want to buy a kickass gaming desktop under 2k

Tbh if you want a gaming desktop, especially if you build it yourself or with the help of a friend, $1000 is more than enough (maybe not including monitor) for a pretty kickass one that while not benchmark busting, is good enough to run games on near/max settings for at least 2,3+ years? Even after that it'll still be very relevant and able to run new titles fine then. Not to mention if you're using something only mediocre or crappy now, then even a rig under 1000 should still blow you away.

Take this for example:
Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
You can have a buddy build one that's pretty sweet.

I'd go:

400 Graphics
300 Processor
150-250 Motherboard
200-300 for SSD with a backup for storage
80-120 for a case
80-150 for memory
You could cut that to
200-300 graphics
100-250 processor
100-200 hard drive, maybe ssd
50-100 case
around 100 for memory

and still have excellent value.
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