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Meh...if you switch to classic hitting and fielding, the controls are a piece of cake. The hardcore Show guys may think that's lame, or whatever, but I've been a pretty hardcore The Show player for three years now and have always used classic hitting and fielding.

It's an extremely addicting game to me and, despite being a bigger NBA fan, it's the best sports game on the market. It has flaws but it's not as buggy or cheesy as 2K gets. Haven't played The Show '12 a whole lot. Bought it, but was too wrapped up in my Braves franchise from '11, so I haven't got into '12 a whole lot outside of my RTTS LFer.

Speaking of which, have you tried Road to the Show, yet? That might be the way to go. If you want to get through your career faster, I'd suggest being a pitcher. My favorite RTTS player the last several years was a pitcher I got 10 or 11 years deep within in '10.
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