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Default Re: New stats on Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire could unlock Knicks’ offense

Originally Posted by knicksman
as long as melo has the mindset of a tmac or an iverson instead of a pierce, this team will be constant underachiever just like those rockets and denver(ai/melo). Melo is an overhype 2nd option. The time he got out of the first round was when billups put his ass into his ideal role(as a 2nd option). Melo doesnt pass the TS% test to be a first option. Hes efficiency is closer to tmac and iverson and we all know who these losers are. And thats because hes an idiot whod rather play like shaq than play like a true sg. Its the big men who plays like guards rather than guards who play like big men that wins in this league. Thats why shorter players like wade, kobe are more efficient than him.

Thats why its a joke to compare amare and melo. Amare wants to play like a guard thats why hes a constant overachiever throughout his career. Melo is nowhere in amare's league but too bad amare is just too unselfish that hes willing to defer to this loser. Fcuk this guy. get rid of this loser before its too late. This team has the potential to become a championship team if melo decides he wants to be pierce but right now Im seeing a tmac. Thats why he got rid of dantoni, the coach that wants him to be in his ideal role, and lin coz they are a hindrance to melo ball.

he had a chance to be like pierce and he showed he is incapable. pierce is a superior playmaker in this league. the guy is chronically underrated. he is also superior at drawing fouls.

knicks have been and continue to be in trouble since this lame-assed transaction. you don't pay max money and trade away rotation players and draft picks for a scorer who is also allergic to defending the position, doesn't make good decisions, and doesn't make others around him better. all of these things you do in a heartbeat for a genuine franchise player.

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