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Promoting Michael Sanders

"I think I was fortunate last year being able to get
Mike as a player development coach. With his experience as a player; the fact
he’s been a bench coach in this league. … I thought he did a great job with Enes
and Derrick, even Al and Paul. After practice, getting them shots in the post
and teaching. Working with Enes, especially, on how to use his body some, using
low-post moves, and got him up to speed. When we started camp, I didn’t know if
we was going to have the opportunity to play Enes in the beginning of training
camp. And he continued to work with Mike and did a good job of learning ­—
we were able to get him in the games some last year. I’m extremely happy with
the work Mike has done so far."

Adding a specific big-man coach

"We’re going to do it by committee. If there’s an
opportunity to add a piece or two here down the road, we’ll explore that. But
the way things are right now, I’m happy with the guys I have on staff. The guys
have done a good job; adding Brad will be an addition for us. We’re in a good
place, in my opinion

I certainly didn't expect anything from Kanter last year based on what was being said about him as a project and you could definitely see the work he was putting in from game to game. Be interesting to see how far he comes with an off-season and full camp and pre-season.
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