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Default Re: Post your shooting form in .gif

Originally Posted by CeltsGarlic
****... wrote a god damn poem on my kniokas jumper but ok. to sum it up. kNIOKAS and I always fade when shooting.I dunno if its good.
Your form is good, better then most of not pro players.
You need harder handles. From the looks, these may not fare well underpressure. I know, because mine's the same. You seem quick and that's nice. Jumper's fine but I think you should square shoulders more.

Fading comes from releasing the ball above the head rather than forehead, that's how you compensate the momentum from the whole body IMO. It's good, but it's bad also. Shooting a set shot one must lean towards the basket and direct the motion towards it with one's whole body. Must jump a tini bit towards it also. All goes into shooting right to the basket, whole body must be directed towards the rim. Anyway, it's not as easy to develop.

Sometimes I start struggling with the 3 so bad, I then make a conscious decision to use legs more and just jump towards basket. Gain efficiency instantly. But for me it's not yet a habit, and that's poor. Also, I'd like bring ball up faster and maybe less above head, more forehead. Simplier motion, quicker, less fadeaway...
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