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Default Re: Best series on TV in the last 10 years?

Originally Posted by niko
I'd agree with you 100% if the 5th season never happened, and it had better closure. The Sopranos was another series that didn't give you closure that made you feel good but at least it didn't end with a shitty season like the Wire.

Breaking Bad to me has a chance to be the best for me because you get the feeling it's going to end in epic style.

I didn't think the 5th season was bad, and I didn't think better closure was really necessary. Spoilers in white text:

I actually kind of like how they left it open ended with Marlo. He could've died or went to jail, but they had already done that with pretty much every other gangsta on the show. They left it open ended, but you know its nothing but a downfall for him from there. They didn't need to actually show it. I think the main point was to show he was the exact opposite of Stringer Bell. He was able to become legitimate like Stringer Bell wanted to do himself, but really didn't want that. I also LOVE how they show what becomes of Michael and Dukie who are pretty much a mirror image of Omar and Bubbles.

White text ends.
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