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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

Originally Posted by dunksby
Just received an invite for DUST 514 closed beta, will update y'all soon with my first impressions.
The flawed graphics kinda ruin the anticipation but it's closed beta and shit so can't really hold that against them. Plus the game is powered by Unreal engine which puts my mind really at ease considering it's basically an MMO Unreal Tournament game.
You can buy upgrades/weapons and accessories through the Marketplace feature using money you make by working for contractors i.e. playing matches. There are difference races and classes that offer variety of playing styles, classes are your typical Recon, Assault, Heavy etc.
Gameplay is fun, shooting/aiming is great for a closed beta game and after a while that you get used to the boring graphics you start to see the game as it is: an entertaining online shooter that gets you hooked.
PS: It seems like the player capacity is higher than 24 as I played a few games with 26 total players connected.
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