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Default Re: Looking for a used car, between two choices.

Originally Posted by magictricked
Where are you going to school? If it's someplace in an area not known to turn cars into rust buckets if you could wait and buy one when you're there that would be a bonus

Nowhere big, I'm a Networking Engineer major and the local community college has the nice combo of having one of the best Cisco programs and lowest tuition in the state. Got about a year to go before i get Cisco certified. And yes, N.E. does tend to rust out current car is still in great shape mechanically (150k miles, no lights on, no major work done), but the brakes, muffler, and now tire rod have all rusted to pieces. I replaced the muffler and brakes to buy me time, but i'm not about to sink another 600 bucks into a 98 Mazda 626 that'll need something else up is probably the oil pan if the frame doesn't go first.
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