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Default Re: New stats on Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire could unlock Knicks’ offense

Originally Posted by Alan Shore
he had a chance to be like pierce and he showed he is incapable. pierce is a superior playmaker in this league. the guy is chronically underrated. he is also superior at drawing fouls.

knicks have been and continue to be in trouble since this lame-assed transaction. you don't pay max money and trade away rotation players and draft picks for a scorer who is also allergic to defending the position, doesn't make good decisions, and doesn't make others around him better. all of these things you do in a heartbeat for a genuine franchise player.

I dont think he needs to be a playmaker. I just want him to play teamball. Have awareness that his teammates need shots but right now he seems so focused on being the MAN. If only mcgrady attempted less than yao coz hes shooting awfully, that rockets team could have succeeded but mcgrady thinks he is a first option thats why those rockets are constant underachievers. And im seeing that attitude in melo. The guy wants to get all the credit while winning. And thats selfishness. And we all knew what happened to selfish people like tmac and AI. While Pierce, garnett, allen never cared about how many touches they get or how many points they score thats why we dont see them forcing bad shot after bad shot. I actually wanted melo here coz i thought he has the same mindset of pierce whos willing to sacrifice for winning but instead what we got is the opposite. He got rid of dantoni who wants him to play teamball and then lin whos a threat to becoming the man on this team. This team is becoming the marbury era again once walsh got fired.
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