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Default Re: Saint Players win on Appeal

Originally Posted by Timmy D for MVP
Okay I agree that it was a heavy penalty.

But your reasoning is stupid. They didn't have a choice? They were just following orders?

This sounds... awfully familiar to this one time...

This is basically my thoughts....They had very little choice. If they did not go along with it, they would be cut, branded malcontents. The entire NFL culture is about following the coach, etc. Asking them to make a stand on this strikes me as unfair.

HOWEVER, regardless of this i think they should be punished for the consequences as severely as possible. I don't see any consequences. They didn't hurt anyone (correct me if i'm wrong here).

Because of this i don't see the need for them to be punished just for "following orders" when you can't even really prove if they did or not.

If the coach said HURT HIM and they did, id see both getting punished. But they really didn't. So its hard for me to judge the players intent.

The coaches intent is much easier to see they are not pressured to do this so i think their punishments are fine (especially since they were warned).

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