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Default Re: What did George Bush accomplish?

Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing
1. Prevented India and Pakistan from nuking it out
2. Supplied the most aid to Africa of all time3. Demolished Al-Qaeda and all its top leaders. No terrorist attack since
4. Forced Libya (by way of our response to the Iraq War) to renounce terrorism and give up their WMD's
5. Declared the first federal ban on racial profiling.
6. Accepted record numbers of refugees and asylum-seekers.
7. Signed an executive order banning federal eminent domain seizures.
8. Removed remaining troops from Bosnia (Clinton's war)
9. Appointed more women and minorities to high-level posts than any other president in history.
10. Capturing and bringing Saddam Hussein to justice

this is true...I've met several Africans who love W....which at first surprised me.
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