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Default Re: How often should you change your sneakers?

Originally Posted by Shade8780
I play varsity basketball in my high school. How often should I change them?

keep a pair for only hardcourt, whatever your fav balling shoe is

could last anywhere from 1-3 yrs (personal experience/depending how much you play)

i usually get a pair and will ball indoors all winter and then when summer months come, i play outdoors and i keep a pair for pavement ball

once they rip or something, i take my indoor kicks and make them my outdoors (because i ball outdoors way more than indoors in the summer) and about fall time ill replace my indoor shoes. since i keep this rotation i only buy ball shoes maybe once every 1.5 years, and i only have and need two pairs

right now im balling in Adidas TS Heat Check's (had them for almost 2 years) outdoors and Kobe 6's indoors (bought at beginning of summer). been doing like this since freshman year in high school
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