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Default Re: This can't be for cereal, can it?!?!

Not even sure who CF86 is ... and the better ? is, do I care? LOL, oh I'll be game, why do you wish I would eat a dick?

The bigger ? is, alluring to the bigger ? ... why do people send me messages as such? Anonymous or not.

I was listening to Slim Thug tonight... track 2 on debut album Already Platinum (Who the Boss, Boss, or whatever) and I'm pretty sure the intro where the woman is screaming is screaming "you ain't" ... "fu*k that ni**ga" ... etc isn't that the Macy Grey beech from Training Day when Orlanzo done jacked Sandman's crib for the 40 gee'z and she runs outside screaming ... listen to it again if you have already, sounds the same, huh?

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