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Default Re: What did George Bush accomplish?

Originally Posted by SourPatchKids
Lol this serious response seems out of place in a thread like this.

lol ya

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
Govt and the private, capitalist financial industry each did their fair share of damage in causing the crash. It's easy to point fingers at one and not the other but doing that is incorrect.

Don't know why I'm even posting this because I feel like we have had this convo a dozen times before.

Because it's fun to disagree and debate, aye?

You're missing my initial point. You can't blame the private, capitalist financial industry, because we didn't have a private, capitalist financial industry. Our economic problems were caused by government, and George Bush's reputation of being a "free market guy" has masked that fact.

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
The better question is why is the Republican's base of middle American poor-middle class people so in favor of making the rich richer? Do they really buy into the 'trickle down' nonsense that has been time and time again proven to be utter bullshit?

Makes no sense to me whatsoever.

What do you mean by trickle down economics? That word is so overused it's sort of an empty vase at this point.
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