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Default Re: What did George Bush accomplish?

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
1: Just curious: Do you give Obama credit for killing bin Laden?

2: The vast majority of US troops don't go around intentionally killing civilians (it does happen unintentionally, especially when we launch explosives at areas we suspect an enemy combatant to be hiding). What Bush is being blamed for is sparking an unnecessary war based on false intel that has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths. When we went into Iraq we were not "greeted as liberators." We were seen as an invading army. What you clearly don't know is that it's not just Hussein loyalists that were fighting. It was people that lost loved ones and resented a foreign country taking over theirs, destroying their infrastructure and killing thousands of their countrymen. We started the war, not Iraq, so the idea that the resultant chaos had "nothing to do with us" is ridiculous. Of course we're involved, we overthrew their government and then fought the various insurgents that are bound to rise up in a country in chaos. You think that after Hussein was eliminated that they just went kumbaya and immediately had a democratically elected government and nothing to complain about? If I charged into your house, shot your dad, burned down half the rooms and then told you how to live would you just accept it?

3: Do you think we should be going around the world eliminating every government we disapprove of? North Korea is and was far closer to having a nuke than Iraq was, why don't we go in there?

1) i give obama just as much credit as bush for killing osama... which is very little. the main credit goes to the military/intelligence agency.

2)there were not hundreds of thousands of deaths... in fact, in the article you posted it said that 2009 was the peak year of deaths. remind me who was in office in 2009?

we were not taking over their country at all... we were helping them start a revolution.

i do believe money for us was involved...

**** also , please read this book. i had to read it last year for a class. holy shit, it opened my alot

it shows how money is involved in basically everything... i loved it.

the shit about south america is pretty surprising. same with the iraq war.
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