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Default Re: What did George Bush accomplish?

Originally Posted by LBJMVP
1) i give obama just as much credit as bush for killing osama... which is very little. the main credit goes to the military/intelligence agency.
Past posts didn't sound like you were giving Bush "very little" credit. In fact you wrote, "bush put down sadam which was a great accomplishment" and credited Bush's strategery (sic). Whatever though.

2)there were not hundreds of thousands of deaths... in fact, in the article you posted it said that 2009 was the peak year of deaths. remind me who was in office in 2009?
162,000...I posted a link for you, you know.

we were not taking over their country at all... we were helping them start a revolution.
Ok, this is asinine. You're in denial, we can't have a real debate if you don't have a firmer grasp on reality.
i do believe money for us was involved...
Where's my money? I didn't get any money. This is a ripoff.
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