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Default Re: What did George Bush accomplish?

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
Past posts didn't sound like you were giving Bush "very little" credit. In fact you wrote, "bush put down sadam which was a great accomplishment" and credited Bush's strategery (sic). Whatever though.

162,000...I posted a link for you, you know.

Ok, this is asinine. You're in denial, we can't have a real debate if you don't have a firmer grasp on reality.
Where's my money? I didn't get any money. This is a ripoff.

first of, there was no money involved for regular people... that all went to the Halliburton people..

(read this book i posted!!! it is magnificent.)

also... im sorry if implied that "bush took down sadam"

what i meant to say was that under bush we took down sadam and his government just like under barack we took down osama.

and that is what it comes down to.

under those president we took down those people.

the presidents had nothing to do with inavasion/attack plans... the just decided if it was ok to do so at that time.
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