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Default Re: Basketball player diets?

Originally Posted by SourPatchKids
I don't eat dairy products on gamedays.

It's not just that. Sorry to ruin your childhood (was past mine when I found out, so it didn't hurt that much ) but all that high-fiber, wheat-based, sugary crap isn't going to turn you into the beast kid they tell you you're gonna be. You're actually better off not eating breakfast (which I actually do) than eating bowls of that to start your day. Well, you're a good kid, so I'm gonna take some time out of my Sunday to actually lay some stuff down.

DISCLAIMER: Like with everything anyone says, take it with a grain of salt. This is just off reading a whole bunch of stuff over the years and experiential shizznit which is oriented to my goal - gaining lean muscle mass while staying lean. I like gaining muscle. Who doesn't? However, I don't like turning into a fatass then having to "diet down" in order to regain my leaness. There are definitely other methods out there, but this is what has worked for me so far.

TIP #1: Breakfast isn't the most important meal of the day. Just this year, I've experimented with Intermittent Fasting, where you alternate periods of eating with fasting. I fast everyday from 9 until 12 the next day, just in time for lunch. What this does is help detoxify your body, reset your hormones, and set you up to be in the perfect position for becoming anabolic later on in the day. Then again, if you must have something after you wake up, make sure it is light and made up of proteins and fats.

IRL: I started last March after I weighed myself and found out I was down to 158 lbs at 9.1% BF. I was happy with lean I was, but I wasn't with how unconsciously scrawny I'd become. The last time I measured myself before that, I was 170 but pretty chubby. After 6 months of IF, I'm up to 168 and just as lean if not leaner. 10 lbs without eating breakfast. Not bad eh?

TIP #2: Eat REAL foods. Period. Your body just does NOT want all that other stuff for good performance.

IRL: What helped me get leaner, stronger, and overall more athletic was really cutting out all that processed and sugary stuff. I remember when I still used to take cereal in the morning and religiously down my family's whole wheat products, I was having numerous crashes throughout the day and playing like crap. Don't take the grains. Don't be fooled by the whole wheat whackness. I'm not telling you to go full-on Paleo (we're Asian, so we can't live without rice. Plus it's one of the safest grains, so we're good). Sticking to meats, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruits, rice, and water, is what a big chunk of what got me here.

TIP #3: Eat as if it were your last meal during dinner time. According to conventional wisdom, I'm thinking in reverse, eh?

IRL: I think everyone will more likely stick to a "diet" (gawrsh, I hate that word haha) if they knew they were gonna get rewarded at the end of the day as opposed to going to bed with your tummy grumbling the whole day, leaving you restless. I noticed that ever since I started eating like a king at night (my meals usually take me 30-45 mins to finish, and I'm a pretty fast eater, mind you), I got even leaner and more built.

If you want some evidence, check the first post here:

Those were taken in June if I remember right and I was like 164 that time. I'm 168 right now and most of the weight seems to have gone to my arms, back, and legs. That's one thing too. Training, whatever you do, be it weights, bodyweight, sports, will trigger the command for muscles to get bigger and stronger (and sometimes even smaller and weaker), but eating is the validation booth at the end of your long-ass flight to your destination. Without it, you ain't getting there. Cheers, SPK.
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