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Default Re: is it wrong to chase a girl who has a boyfriend?

Originally Posted by DetroitPiston
I've always been of the opinion that if someone in a relationship is looking elsewhere, then the problem is with the person they're dating.

Now if you're trying to chase a person and they're happy in a relationship, I'd say leave it alone.

In all honesty, this is my real opinion on it.

If a girl is with a guy, and the guy treats her really well, I won't pursue no matter how much I like the girl. Other people have said "if a girl will cheat on her boyfriend, she'll cheat on you too". And that's only half true. If a girl will cheat on a GOOD guy, she'll cheat on another good guy too.

But if a girl is with a guy who treats her like shit, I see no problem trying to pry her away. A lotta girls are with shitty guys because they honestly don't believe they can do any better. But when they're presented with a guy that is willing to treat them right, they're just kinda drawn to him. Yes, they're still cheating, but it's more a matter of them building up the courage and confidence to leave. So again if a girl will cheat on a GOOD guy, she'll cheat on another good guy too. If a girl will cheat on a BAD guy, it could just mean she's looking for appreciation.

Base it more on the other guy than on the girl.
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