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Default Re: Duke's Lance Thomas received improper benefits?

Regardless, he's was a student with the income of $0. Who knows his credit history, but I'm going to guess it's not great for a 22 (?) year old college student. He also was obligated to pay it back in 15 days? 15 days for an unemployed college kid? Again, 15 days so his potential future earnings holds little ground.

And it was Lance Thomas of all players. I don't know exactly how that works, but it's not like he was a well known future first rounder. I mean, he didn't get drafted, nor was he expected to be. But even it were Kyle Singler, it would still be a impermissible benefit.

Also if this transaction was so clean, why did the jewelry place wait so long (2 years) to file this lawsuit?

It just all sounds sketchy to me.

People pile on the NCAA and, to an extent, rightfully so. Although you have to remember that they went after UCLA and Kansas in the past. Recently Ohio State and USC in football. If the problem is bad enough, they aren't going to just sweep it under the rug. They can't.

btw, this is what he bought:


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