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Default Re: 1979

Originally Posted by RainierBeachPoet

good to have fans in whatever part of the country

when they won the 79 championship, how did you celebrate? people must have thought you were a bit odd over there rooting for the sonics

we went downtown and drove around seattle honking the horn and yelling/cheering with complete strangers. it was the one time that the whole town felt united

the thought of them leaving makes my stomach turn...

Man, I wish that I was in Seattle when they won that title, dang!! Dude, I still read my Sports Illustrated, the one with Gus Williams on the cover driving around Wes Unsled. I think when we won the title back in '79, I really did not celebrate that much like you guys did. All I did was go outside and play basketball pretending to be Downtown Freddie Brown or Dennis Johnson. And I agree, the thought of them leaving the Seattle or Washington area, makes me feel ill.
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