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Originally Posted by DKLaker
Hitting a few shots SOMETIMES, but playing very poorly overall is not enough reason for being on the team....just think of Radmanovic, or Chucky Atkins, we just don't need that....and at 4 million per year under the current CBA and what comparable guys are being paid....he's making at least double what he's worth. Blake is just not a "Gamer" IMO.

Geez, A few shots, sometimes?
Just last playoffs, he converted 18 out of 43 3pt shots
2 yrs ago, connected 6 out of 18 shots, I believe he had chicken pox or measles that is why he didn't get a lot of playing time.
For his career, he hit 42 out of 102 attempts from beyond 24 feet.
I understand there there were players who are over selective with their shots, hence their accuracy/FG% could be obscured.
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