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Default Re: Basketball player diets?

Originally Posted by LBJ 23
Tuna is a great source of protein but it also contais a lot of heavy metals---> not very healthy in a long run. Eat it, but don't exaggerate. Choose other sources ob protein, whole eggs and red meat are great, chicken, sardines,...

Why such fear of carbohydrates? This is some kind of fashion now, carbs are guilty of everything. It's not true, carbs play an important role in your body when it comes to hormones and other stuff. And especially very active basketball player should not avoid carbs. Just don't eat processed stuff(carbs) which brings into your body all kinds of shit. Eat tons of veggies. Add omega3 fats.

Good post^

Simple sugar, especially processed sugars or carbs are bad. Most people do not eat enough raw foods especially raw veggies. I would say raw veggies would be the most important thing to monitor and add to your daily diet
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