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Default Re: Anyone here playing Sleeping Dogs?

I'm dieing on trying to max out my triad XP. I'm redoing missions, but I'm just not getting much in the way of XP for it. I've looked it up online, and I'm not the only one who's run into this. Apparently you only get credit for doing better on these missions than you did the first time through. It's really a pain in the ass. I'm doing all the other stuff I'm supposed to be doing, wearing the clothes that give me the boost and stuff. I should grind it out in another 10 missions or so. It's just annoying.

I'm not quite at 100% yet even with that. I think there's some gold medal trophies I have to get, like how long a jump I've done kind of stuff, but I won't worry about that stuff until I get this last triad upgrade.
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