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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I've been touting Ward for a long, long time. It is about time that he starts getting his due.

There has never been a gold medal winning American Olympian who is an undefeated champion as a pro that really hasn't had a close fight and has beaten a lot of stiff competition quite easily with less hype in my lifetime. Usually, guys like Ward are the sport's golden boys.

I think a lot of the reason why is because he fought on Showtime for so long and they do a horrible job of promoting their boxing events and the fact that the Super Six tournament lasted so long and all of the guys involved literally couldn't set up their own fights against big-name guys.

Whatever the reason, his talent is clear.

Here is a guy who isn't the fastest or hardest puncher, doesn't have any single physical gift that pops out at you, but he just knows how to win. He is one of the great ring generals in the game, his defense is very good and his in-fight adjustments are second only to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

It took him about three rounds to figure out Chad Dawson -- a very good fighter in his own right. He was setting up the punch that put Dawson down the first time right from the opening bell. And, once he had Dawson hurt, he didn't lose his cool and go all-out for the kill. He maintained himself, continued fighting his fight and eventually got the stoppage.

I'm a big fan and I thought Ward would win, but I thought it would be a pretty close fight and Dawson would have his moments. But, that was utter domination and it was a statement to the boxing world. I agree with you, Don, he is the No. 2 p4p fighter in the world right now and knocking on the door of being No. 1.

Only Floyd and Manny can argue being above him. He's that next really great fighter that will be winning for a long time. He just has a style that isn't going to go away anytime soon.

Love watching that guy fight.

Ward is a lot like Hopkins (older version)

The thing is, Hopkins style when he was older is more similar to what Ward does now in his youth. He has an old school kind of style that Hopkins relied on when he was 40 that Ward relies on now with an added jab, it's actually very very smart. Because it works for Hopkins who is 40 to reserve energy and wear out younger guys, Ward IS a younger guy and using it can only benefit him even more, so I had a feeling Dawson would be in a world of hurt especially given Ward hit's harder than people give him credit and Dawson always has a tendency to leave himself open even when in complete control, once Ward found those openings Chad had no escape. Those cracks in his armor that have been apparent since his career began were fully exploited tonight by Ward.

Hopkins saw the same thing in Dawson just didn't have the tank to take care of it(though I do feel that it would have happened on the night when Hopkins and Dawson FIRST fought when Hopkins winded him with that body punch) but by the second fight, that time out of the gym and rehab obviously effected Hopkins effectiveness. So I knew it wasn't meant to be there. But when Dawson said "I wanna fight Andre Ward" I knew that was it
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