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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
eh, the odds of McFadden playing a full games are slim to's about the same odds as GoBB winning 1st place in this league

if I was an owner of him I might actually rather him go ahead and get hurt NOW, in hopes that he could be back in time for FF playoffs...ha

serioulsy though, I'll be shocked if he is still running strong come week 8
i feel you, he's been hurt a lot in the past and has proven to be a slow healer.

thing is however he's never had a major injury and for the first time in his career he's actually avoiding unnecessary contact and playing a lot smarter. he was definitely worn down at the end of the as they relied on him far too heavily but that won't continue.

everybody can get hurt and odds are they will. subsequently guys who get hurt mainly due to flukey injuries like foot sprains and collarbones are bound to stay healthy.

i honestly believe mcfadden is due to play a full season. the same way i believed last year jamaal charles would get seriously hurt..if you recall i moved him before week 1.
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