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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by TylerOO
I'm not a fan of Trent. See what you can get for him. His QB (and really the whole team) sucks. I watched the whole Brown-Eagle game and that O-Line couldn't open up shit for Trent. He has a brutal schedule as well

agreed. i like trent as a player but he's just in a bad situation. kind of the same thing with luck really (though by season's end i think luck is really going to hit his stride).

IGACS, if you can somehow flip trent for doug martin, i'd do it. i'd go after ridley too but after such a monster week 1, the owner probably won't feel that. just don't trade him away for garbage...he's still a trade asset for you and he could end up surprising folks. get back a RB1 if you do trade him. maybe trade him for an unsuspecting MJD owner who doesn't realize his carries were limited in week 1? no idea, just trying to think of some buy low targets for you. a healthy forte/MJD duo would be flat out nasty with your WR corp

i agree with you on ryan williams. your team's a bit like mine...really thin at RB. just keep an eye out for em on the WW.

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