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Default Re: Make 3 bold predictions for 2012

Originally Posted by UtahJazzFan88
Ravens WILL win the Super Bowl this year. Is it bold? I don't know, I don't think so, but there you go.

i said this on page 1:
cowboys vs. ravens = SB. ravens win, ray lewis gives a KG-esque interview, praises flacco and announces his retirement on the spot

even added a disney ending. i don't even really see it play out that way. i was fairly drunk when i typed that, lol. but seriously, can you imagine the romo/flacco haters if that were to actually happen?

anyway, ravens winning it all wouldn't be a shocker. i do think this team is better than the '01 team on paper. key phrase there being on paper. chemistry and being able to avoid injury is the other thing. clearly, that '01 team was leaps and bounds above this team on defense but the '12 team is much better offensively.

heart and soul of the D is still there with lewis. NFL these days seems to be more dictated by great offense than great defense, so that's another thing to consider. i mean, i just think offense affects the game more with the way the rules are set up. defense doesn't have that same impact. stuff that happened in '01 gets called for a penalty now. the defense today is easily capable of making it to the SB. i just think it depends on smith's development. i'm not sure boldin is a reliable #1 WR week in and out at this point. smith has to show more than just being a deep threat.

for years, ravens defense was right there but they either turned it over or couldn't convert in the red zone when their defense stepped up. now, it looks like they have that complete team.

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