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Default Re: Resident Evil 6 Announced.

Resident Evil 6 getting timed-exclusive modes for Xbox 360
September 11, 2012 8:04AM PDT
Eddie Makuch
By Eddie Makuch, News Editor

Microsoft console version of Capcom's zombie shooter adding three mystery modes called Survivors, Predator, and Siege sometime after launch next month.

Resident Evil 6 will add three timed-exclusive game modes for the Xbox 360 after the zombie shooter launches next month, according the game's landing page. A tweet from the official Resident Evil 6 Twitter account reveals that these modes will be called Survivors, Predator, and Siege.
Resident Evil 6 buddies up with Xbox 360 for timed-exclusive modes.

Resident Evil 6 buddies up with Xbox 360 for timed-exclusive modes.

It is not clear how long these mystery modes will be available only for the Xbox 360, and at the time of press, Microsoft had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment.

The new game modes for Resident Evil 6 will not be the only timed-exclusives for the Xbox 360. In June during Microsoft's 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo briefing, the company announced that downloadable content for Resident Evil 6 will come first to the Xbox 360.

I've had my RE6 preorder for the 360 version for months. I have more buddies getting this for the 360. This early dlc is an added bonus. Would've been cool playing with some of you getting the ps3 version.
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