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Default Re: Reasons why Pau should play C and Dwight PF...

Originally Posted by magicmanfan
thanks for that complement...

Let me explain......

I heard that Pau's PER was higher playing center and it got me thinking....

I also don't like the idea of Pau standing behind the 3-point line shooting
3s.... the Princeton offense seems to have Pau outside....

Then add the fact that DH is a terrific offensive rebounder, and there
it is... why not play DH at PF?

And I didn't say they were GOOD REASONS!!!!

and I just wanted to stir the soup a bit, this forum is slow these days...

Well thats just it. You would rather have Dwight outside the 3 point line over Pau?

Pau can hit them sometimes, not always. And it is not the only place for Pau to score points. The princeton offense is a motion offense. It will present many opportunities for Pau to contribute offensively anywhere on the floor. The offense works for someone like him. Its Dwight that we have to worry about.

I sure hope Eddie Jordan and Bickerstaff will know how to manage this.

Edit: I know its been slow. Its nice of you to keep posting. Sorry if I came off as a punk. You know I didn't mean it ;)
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