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Default Re: Reasons why Pau should play C and Dwight PF...

Originally Posted by DKLaker
OMG......I was going to post "'d rather have Dwight outside "

No offense magicmanfan but when I hear someone talk about PER or +/- ratio I get This is the crap that stat heads and fanboys create to TRY to understand the coaches it is sheer lunacy. If I EVER hear an NBA coach giving credibility to that stuff i'll know it's time to stop watching NBA basketball.
You just have to actually WATCH the game and learn it, there are so many subtle things that there are no stats for, and so many variables.

Forget about what you have read or know about the Princeton offense, they are NOT going to run it in the traditional sense, Pau will not be running around the perimeter much.......I wish they would stop calling what they are going to do "Princeton" because it's really's a hybrid which will use some elements of Princeton. Like comparing steel toed work boots to Kobe 7's.

A bit of princeton, a bit of triangle, combined with Nash Pick n rolls should be enough offense on the board don't you think?
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