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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I can see benching all of those you cited, Marlo, with the exception of Demarco. While he is going against an underrated Seattle defense, their greatest strength is in their secondary. They can be run on and Murray looked as good as any back in the league in Week 1. And, really, he's been a monster in pretty much every game he's played in during his brief NFL career.

I'm all for gambling with matchups and Morris looks to be a solid RB2 for at least the first part of this season (we'll see how things go after Week 8), but I wouldn't sit a stud like Demarco for him.

We'll see.
Fair point, Demarco I just have a hard time trusting due to the Cowboys inability to ineffective run the ball in the redzone. Demarco did have a monster game vs Seattle last year so it would not shock me if he had another big day, after all, he only needs one run to have a great day.

I do think Alfred will receive somewhere in the 20-25 carries vs a putrid STL Rams defense that gives up major points to opposing RBs. I think Alfred is close to a lock for a TD as almost any RB this week. He is a 3 yard plodder but he's healthy, moves the chains, and hangs on to the ball. I could see him having a mike anderson broncos impact.
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